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Age: 23

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"Hi! Modeling is a hobby for me, but one that I take pretty seriously. David has been very good to work with and I hope that you will appreciate what we have done together. ."

"Looking at Alla is like seeing an angel. Her perfectly smooth skin and impeccable body make it hard not to fall in love with immediately. On top of all that, Alla is a very smart woman who is an aspiring architect and a fan of psychology! Of course, she is aware of her attributes and has very high standards for any man in her life. However, if you do get lucky enough to take her out on a date, Alla is easy to please. All you have to do is take her ice skating and have a cup of green tea.

As far as a woman's sexiness, Alla feels it is all about knowing how to present yourself. We believe she has mastered this art to perfection. In person Alla is very approachable and kind. In fact, she can be very shy when it comes to anyone complimenting on her looks. Her first day shooting with David lasted well into the night, but Alla kept on working hard while managing to look stunning.

If it were up to us, Alla would be a permanent fixture in our exclusive master art nude photographer David's studio. "

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